6 Reasons Why I Fell in Love with Georgia

6 Reasons Why I Fell in Love with Georgia

Situated at the strategically important crossroads where Europe meets Asia, Georgia has a unique and ancient cultural heritage and is famed for its traditions of hospitality and cuisine. However, Georgia isn’t usually a place on people must do & see list. Georgia is where communism, corruption and crime live — not somewhere you travel for fun and joy. Right?

Well, that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Here are few reasons why no one can visit Georgia without leaving enchanted with this exotic country:

1) It’s about the unexpected and expected.

During my visit, every day seemed a new adventure. Planning was unnecessary, for experiences unfolded naturally. Georgia is a land of pleasant surprises. You will repeatedly say to yourself, “couldn’t have planned it better if I tried.”

Georgia is about getting lost in a country where you do not understand the language, the alphabet and the people do not understand you. It is about handling and learning to adapt and grow as you face each day on the road. And the only way to learn this is through experience, trial and error, the hard and the easy way.

2) It gets you out of your comfort zone

I really didn’t know what to think about going to Georgia in the beginning but honestly this country absolutely blew my mind. It was literally something that I was waiting to discover, feel and handle with.

Georgia taught me what is travelling truly about and remembered me once again why I love it. Because in Georgia I met so many obstacles on the way I used to travel and I was forced to deal with them in a way or another. Travelling in Georgia is unique. It will enhance your ability and willingness to adapt to new environments; it will give you the self-confidence to make decisions in risky situations and it will improve your ability to take on new projects. After all of this you are becoming much more experienced in life and it will help your understanding of diverse traditions and habits. But during your trip you might not feel it because you are becoming exhausted and confused with all but afterwards you will consider yourself much grown up with a deeper understanding for people, culture, nature and lifestyle.

3) It’s beautiful

The countryside, culturally diverse cities, the people… Georgia has plenty of surprises in store. No other country in the world offers visitors so much to see and do, packed into such a small space. It contains subtropical beaches, dense forests, arid deserts, as well as the highest mountains in Europe.
As in every country in the world, the real beauty of Georgia lies in its landscapes, people, their culture and nature and it can really defy your expectations. You travel through medieval towns, charming countryside, unique mountains, tasty food and most important – people very friendly who will undoubtedly be happy to see you and have a drink.

4) Tbilisi is one of the most unique capitals I know…

Georgia has a mix of rural charm and city modernity, as well as cultural influences from Turkey, Russia, Persia, Central Asia and Europe. You can see a lot of those attributes everywhere around Tbilisi. Beautiful, ornate buildings crumbling in the old town, towering blocky church towers, secret courtyard gardens and grape vines hanging off every house.

5) The second major religion in Georgia is food.

Georgian cuisine is probably the most important attraction of the country. Georgian cuisine absorbed the best culinary traditions of many people of Transcaucasia, Asia and the Black Sea coast and Georgians managed to make their cuisine not only magically delicious but also bright, original, unique, unforgettable and cheap!

6) It seems to be like a puzzle

A mix of everything. The warm-hearted people, the stunning countryside, Tbilisi’s nightlife, rainbows, strong traditions… It’s so hard to describe but I guess it’s just mix of everything.


For me Georgia still remains relatively undiscovered and unfilled. Because Georgia is something that  you will never get  fully discovered. Like in a puzzle, some parts you can’t ever fill but you can still make the most part of the picture that can stimulate more your imagination and to ask yourself how the entire picture would look like. Because trying to make Georgia’s puzzle will make you feeling like a rock star and provide you endless stories to share afterwards. I love you Georgia, you’re awesome!



 What about you? Do you think you’ll ever travel to Georgia?

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