Driving in Georgia

Driving in Georgia

Every country has it’s own specific driving habits and there are definitely some in Georgia. Get to know them to be prepared before visiting for the first time.

First of all, you should know that traffic in Georgia is right-handed and steering wheels are on the left side in most vehicles. In our car rental company, we also offer cars with steering wheels on the left side.

Roads and directions

The roads are pretty good in the most part of the country. So travelling by a small car won’t cause any problems, if only you are not planning to visit some high mountainous areas. Roads are equipped with signs and city and village names usually are in Georgian as well as in English. Maps in the modern smartphones will help you get directions. If you have some trouble anyway, feel free to ask someone on the road – local people are always happy to help foreign guests.


Fueling in Georgia is easy and convenient as drivers don’t have to come out from their cars – they are served by petrol station workers. Read our article about fueling in Georgia for more information about it.

Local driving style

In Georgia, there is a bit eastern-type driving culture. This means that drivers are usually roaming freely from line to line, sometimes ignoring priority traffic signs and are often leaving small space around their vehicles, so first time drivers in Georgia are recommended to choose more “defensive type” of driving until they become familiar with local driving habits. Pedestrians are also frequently crossing the streets outside pedestrian crossings so you should be attentive. However, this mainly relates to Tbilisi, where a volume of traffic and amount of people is high. Suburb and rural areas are far more safe and tranquil.