For the first time in Georgia

For the first time in Georgia

Waterfall in Tbilisi
Hello! My brother and I visited Georgia for the first time. We decide to start exploring this country from capital:)

The First Days

In the first few days we visited the most popular sightseeings of Tbilisi: we walked on the Rustaveli avenue, took a cableway up to Mother of Georgia (there is a fascinating view of Tbilisi from there). Later, with a funicular raleway, we went up to the Funicular restaurant where we had a snack with very delicious donuts and took a ride on the observation wheel (again, the panoramic view of the city was breathtaking). 
We were surprised to see a waterfall in the very center of the capital!:) While walking along the narrow streets near the sulfur baths, seeing a waterfall was like being in a fairy tale!:) Really impressive!

Trip To Kakheti
During the last days of our vacation, we decided to visit some sightseeings outside the capital. GPS navigator given by KM Rental cars was quite useful for us:) At first we drew to Kakheti. There are really beautiful fields with grapes grown everywhere. We stopped for a while to have a picnic. On the way back we drew to Sighnaghi (thanks to the GPS). The scenery is really stunning!
With a rented car in Sighnaghi

The End

On the last day, we drew in the direction of Russia to the place called Ananuri. The mountains, the valley and the whole surrounding is very beautiful! It is nearly impossible to express all this beauty with words or by photos - you should definitely see this! It's mesmerizing!And the last destination of our journey was the church Jvari, with a great view of Mtskheta. Afterwards, we visited this town itself.View from Jvari
To sum up, it's impossible to describe everything, just emotions! It was an unforgettable journey!

With a rented car