Fueling in Georgia

Fueling in Georgia

Find out where to fill the tank and which type of fuel is recommended for your rented vehicle.

There are several main oil companies operation in Georgia. Some of them are Wissol, Lukoil, Socar, Gulf and Rompetrol. There are some other petrol stations as well, but the quality of their product is under question so we recommend you to fuel your car on the above-mentioned filling stations.

You don’t have to get out of the car at the filling station – workers of the filling station will fuel your vehicle.

In order to have a pleasant journey, we recommend you to fill a tank with the premium type of fuel. The price of premium gasoline fluctuates from 2.19 gel to 2.38 gel per liter depending on the oil company.

There are a lot of branches of mentioned filling stations in big cities. In rural areas, they are met quite often as well. So you will not have any problems finding one. If you still ran out of fuel you can call our insurance company. They will provide you with 5 liters of petrol nearly anywhere in Georgia 24 hours a day.

Remember, that at the drop off you can either bring a vehicle you rented with a full tank or with a random amount left and pay for the rest at the office. Read more about fuel options (FPO).