Travel Assistance Service

Travel Assistance Service

Travel Assistance from KM Rental Cars

Dear friends, KM Rental Cars offers new program “Travel Assistance Service” that can help you better plan your trip to the beautiful Georgia and get maximum enjoyment at minimum cost.

Often, before you visit a foreign country, you begin to find information on the Internet: forums, websites and bloggers from various advisor web-sites; Also booking hotels and vehicles, which is of course a certain amount of money. Sometimes people hire Full Size SUV’s for long period just to make one day trip to Stepantsminda, which is meaningless expanse of fuel and rental price.

KM Rental Cars offers a combined rental of the vehicles, that is to change the rented car according to the selected route: the use of inexpensive and fuel-efficient vehicles whenever possible and take SUVs where they are required. According to our calculations, as a result, you can save up to 20% of the total rent amount.

Our company offers the assistance, to plan your trip or route according to your desires, but with maximum saving of time and money, which you can spend for other sightseeings, souvenirs or just for fun.

Do not rush to pay for hotel reservations or restaurants, as it may not be consistent with our proposed route. If you have already done it, do not worry, our operators will do there best to adjust the route to your requirements.

We are ready to help you feel unforgettable beauty and spirit of Georgia.

You can send your inquiries via e-mail( or contact form on our web-site.