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Car Wi-Fi - Make Your Journey Much More Fun

Car Wi-Fi - Make Your Journey Much More Fun

Our new service "Wi-Fi / 4G LTE" turns your car, rented at KM Rental Cars, into Wi-Fi (WIF) Hotspot. This new accessory gives access to internet to everyone you are traveling with. Drive safe and let your companions to have more fun. Wi-Fi (WIF) Hotspot From Magti gives you access to the fastest 4G LTE internet for the best price and allows you to check you news feed, to manage your business, to check-in, watch videos, listen music, play games and etc. 

We provide with 1 GB of internet for full period of car renal in Georgia. After Reaching the limit you can always fill the balance easily.

Price Per Day for renting Wi-Fi (WIF) accessory is $5 - Internet is included as gift from KM Rental Cars, In case of need we can fill your balance in advance.

This Accessory is available only for vehicles with the logo 

Portable Wi-Fi modem is also available for other vehicles and countries, but with different terms and prices.

To Get This Accessory, Place Mark while Reservation