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Driving with the baby?

Driving with the baby?

Exploring new places can be an exciting experience and it can be even more pleasant if you are traveling with those you love. We offer you a variety of child seats suitable for all age categories when you rent a car with us in Georgia or Armenia.

According to Georgian law, until his third birthday, child must use a child car seat that's appropriate for his weight, whether he is sitting in the front or the back. It is permitted not to use a child seat if an adult holding him is sitting in the back. Until he is 12 years or 135cm/4ft 5in tall (which ever they reach first), a child must use the car seat only if he is sitting in the front.

Apart from having a law about obligatory use of a child seat in Georgia, we strongly encourage you to use it for security reasons for your and your child’s comfort. You can choose one from our range of child seats depending on the age and height/weight of your little companion.

Infant Car Seats (CSI) 

KM car rental can provide you with an infant car seat (CSI) to be used for infants who are less than one-year-old, weight up to 20 pounds (9 kilos) and less than 26 inches(66 cm). Infant seats (CSI) must be installed rear-facing. These seats are designed to support a child's neck, back and spinal cord.

Child Car Seats (CSB)

We can offer you a convertible car seat (CSB) to be used forward facing for children weighing 20-40 pounds (8-18 kilos) and up to 40 inches (101 cm) in height. Parents of children who have outgrown an infant car seat are encouraged to use these seats rear-facing until the child reaches the seat's maximum height and weight limits.

Per day price for renting any child seat is different for each country and supplier.