Car rental around the Transcaucasia

Car rental around the Transcaucasia

No more wasting time for searching suggestions on internet for car hire in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia seperataly! 

Together with partners in Azerbaijan and Armenia, we have launched a new project. Now we provide car rental services throughout the Transcaucasia. The updated portal allows you to hire a car in any of the three countries: Azerbaijan, Armenia and Georgia *. 

Choose the pick up place - and the system will show you the available cars. Be sure to read the detailed information about the car and the main conditions of the rental. 

In the fleet of our partners - insured cars in perfect condition, which will not fail you and will turn your trip into a fascinating journey. 

Plan your route, choose a car according to your goals and preferences and enjoy the beauty of the Transcaucasia. 

Enjoy your journey with KM Rental Cars! 

* Note that the terms & conditions of vehicles rented from service providers may vary. Please read the details here (rental in Azerbaijan) and here (rental in Armenia).