Global car rental standards in Tbilisi

Global car rental standards in Tbilisi

KM Rental Cars, the car rental company in Tbilisi, Georgia, presented at local market since 2014. And all this time we have been trying to provide a car rental service at the highest level. From the very beginning we decided to build our relationship with customers on the principles that have been adopted in the developed countries, where the institution of car rental operates for decades.

In 1989, large companies providing rental services - Avis, Budget, Europcar and Hertz, created the Association "ACRISS" (The Association of Car Rental Industry System Standards). The main objective of the Association was to develop standards in the field of car rental, for consumer to receive reliable information while booking process, had the ability to compare the various proposals, and could also book a car in any available way: directly from the owner of the vehicle, via the aggregator-companies, either using travel agency through the Global Distribution Systems (GDS).

Standardization covers all sides of the service:

  • Terms of service

  • Terms of insurance

  • Fuel purchasing options

  • Types of cars (body types, body size, fuels, etc.)

  • Types of locations

  • Types of payments

  • The types of additional equipment and other.

Obviously, if all market participants will accept the same rules of service parameters and standardized conditions, for consumer will be much easier to carry out the comparison and to choose desired vehicle from the initial conditions, namely:

  • What consumer leases

  • Where consumer rents

  • For how long consumer rents.

The company KM Rental Cars wants to make the process of choosing a car, booking, payment of rent and use of a car as simple, convenient and familiar for any customer, even the one who appealed to the car rental company for the first time. And for that, we do the following:

Now, the customer who choose a car on our website can be sure to get accurate, comprehensive information that will enable him to make the right choices in accordance with his ideas about common standards and conditions of car rental services.

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