Limited Time Offer - Drive Slow and be Safe!

Limited Time Offer - Drive Slow and be Safe!

Dear friends, we came up with an interesting promotion in support of safe, eco-friendly and economical driving.

This promotion applies to rented cars KIA Rio 1.4 with the logo of our company - KM Rental Cars.

Our cars are equipped with an on-board computer, which in addition to other traffic parameters, calculates the average fuel consumption per 100 km of run.

The conditions of the action are as follows: those drivers whose fuel consumption rate for the entire lease period of the car will be less than 5.5 liters per 100 km, will receive a 20% compensation for the cost of spent fuel. That is, if you spend 100 lari for fuel during the car rental period in Georgia and provide with checks , you will receive 20 lari or a gift for this amount.

In order to take part in our action - competition, it is necessary to make an online booking with payment and rent a car with the KM logo for at least 3 days. When renting for 3 or more days, you will also get a GPS navigator for free.

By participating in our campaign, you contribute to less pollution of the environment, since it is obvious that the lower the fuel consumption is, the lower is the emission of exhaust gases into the atmosphere.

KM Renal Cars complies with the rules of the road!