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Car rental delivered to your door

Car rental delivered to your door

Do you prefer your booked car to be delivered at the airport? A hotel? Another city? No matter - we will be glad to bring it wherever you wish.

Save time at your journey's beginning or at the end and make the car rental process more convenient. We will deliver and collect your vehicle at any time and place of your choice in Georgia, so you can start your trip right away without losing your time and have less trouble carrying your luggage around. One way car hire is also possible. 

Car delivery and drop off in Tbilisi.

Enjoy free of charge delivery and drop off of your rented vehicle all around Tbilisi. Make sure you identify the exact address with a hotel name or any other detail useful for us to easily reach you. Airport delivery price is different for each country and supplier.

Car delivery and drop off in Georgia

You can receive or return a car all around Georgia. You can find some major places of vehicle delivery and drop off with fixed rates in the corresponding sections when you make a booking.

How are delivery and drop off rates calculated

Delivery or drop off rates is depending mainly on distance and seasonality. So in order to provide you with the best price available allow us some time to do the calculation and contact you back shortly.

If your plans change after the initial booking and before the payment is done, you can easily change the delivery or drop off locations from MY KM section.