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Fuel options

Fuel options

Don’t have enough time to bring back a rented vehicle with a full tank? No worriesWell do it for you!

In order you to feel more comfortable with car rental in Tbilisi or other cities, we adopted two fuel plans (FPO). No matter which option you choose, we provide your booked car with a full tank. Which fuel plan (FPO) you choose upon returning – is up to you! 

Bring back full 

You can choose a standard option to bring back a vehicle with a full tank of gasoline. We will kindly ask you to fuel the hired car with a certain type of quality petrol for your pleasant driving experience.  

Pay at place 

We know that you may not have enough time for filling the tank. It may be even more time consuming when you rent a car in an unknown country. That’s the reason we provide you with an option to bring the vehicle back with any amount left and just pay for the rest at place. We will charge you with what the gasoline price is at the time of payment. 

We will send you an e-mail with the information about gasoline prices and petrol stations after you make a reservation at KM Rental Cars.

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