Terms of rental



Transparent and flexible payment system is designed for you to rent a car with no hidden or additional fees.
After completing the booking process online, you will be informed about the total sum of the car rental service, which can be paid online instantly or later. In the later option you have to make a payment 72 hours prior to the date a vehicle is going to be received, otherwise your reservation will be cancelled. We receive online payment via PayPal. Payment at place to our emploee, while receiving the car is by cash.

While making online payment for car rental you have to pay relavent % of full amount of the rental price, the rest - at place, while receiving the car.


If you have already paid for the services, but your plans changed, than you can cancel your reservation 72 hours before the start of rental. We take only transfer fee (6%) from full amount of the rental price.

All taxes for transactions are included in prices shown while booking.

Make payment with desirable method without hidden fees. 


You have to provide deposit by cash when you receive a vehicle  The cases in which you may get charged from the deposit you can view in our FAQ. The Amount of deposit is 100 USD.