Georgian Tale - 5 Days / 4 Nights

Georgian Tale - 5 Days / 4 Nights

1 Day 29.04

Arrive in Tbilisi

Transfer to hotel 

2 Day 30.04


Tbilisi city tour

3 Day 01.05


Excursion to the ancient capital of Georgia - Mtskheta and Kazbegi mountainous region.

Return to Tbilisi. Overnight at hotel.

4 Day 02.05


Transfer to Kakheti.

Visit to the wine museum in Napareuli, wine tasting.

Return to Tbilisi. Overnight at hotel.

5 Day 03.05


Transfer to Tbilisi Airport.


Happy homecoming. And of course - see you again, Genatsvale!

1 Day

Arrival inTbilisi

Transfer to hotel

And now a little about the capital. Tbilisi - Ancient "Tiflisi" on the shores of the River Kura - the capital of Georgia, its cultural, economic and political center, but still very interesting and diverse city. "Tbili" in English means "warm". Tbilisi was based on hot sulfur springs. According to the legend, which like to tell local residents, once the king Vakhtang Gorgasali went to falconry, his bird chased the pheasant, which was trying to survive in the reservoir, and both of them immediately got cooked in a hot spring. King decided to immortalize the beloved falcon in the history, and Tbilisi has arisen here. Today terracotta dome baths are combined with modern business centers, but above all this is still hovering spirit of the old Tbilisi.


2 Day

Breakfast in the hotel.

Tbilisi City Tour

Departure to the city to get acquainted with the sights. Acquaintance with the city starts with the Cathedral "Sameba" - a symbol of Georgian Revival, Unity and immortality. It stands in the center of Tbilisi on a mountaintop saint Ili. "Sameba" in English means "Holy Trinity"

Then move to the monument of the founder of Tbilisi, to the great Georgian ruler Vakhtang Gorgasali. Gorgasali is nickname, so was called the king in to the war - "Du ras Gorgasali" - means "beware of the man with the head of a wolf."

Metekhi Temple - the temple walls are composed in the classical Georgian art. Striking in its accuracy Teskey stones and masonry. From the Metekhi plateau there is a wonderful view of the old part of Tbilisi.

Next on the Cableway. In a few minutes we will find ourselves in a fortress "Narikala", where we will open intriguing stunning views of the legendary Georgian capital. Narikala Fortress - the heart of the old city is over 15 centuries old and together with Metekhi castle was the main fortification of the city. And of course here we will meet "Mother Georgia" with wine and sword.

You will be able to feel the flavor of the old Tbilisi. The ancient sulfur baths are located on the oldest part of the city. All bath rooms are below the ground level and are covered with semi-circular arches.

Sioni Temple was built in the 6th century. The onorable age of the tample is prowed by its ground floor which is almost three meters below the pavement surface. Also, on our path we will see modern bridge - Bridge of Peace, offering stunning views of Tbilisi and obtaining modern colorful pictures.

After the tour, transfer to the hotel.

* Optional extra cost:

20:00 Transfer to dinner at a national restaurant in Tbilisi, where you will find a delicious dinner, and good Georgian wine, as well as folk songs and dances

Cost: 30$ (for 1 person)

3 Day

Breakfast in the hotel.

Excursion to the ancient capital of Georgia - Mtskheta and Kazbegi mountainous region.

Mtskheta - the ancient city, the first capital of Georgia, the soul of this wonderful country. Here you will have the opportunity to familiarize with the Cathedral of "Svetitskhoveli» (XI c). This is the Cathedral of 12 Apostles. At the base of it rests Heaton of the Lord. Thanks to this shrine, Mtskheta is called "second Jerusalem". Than we will visit Samtavisi's nunnery of St. Nino. Here lie St. King Mirian and St. Queen Nana, who together took the whole Georgia to Christianity in 324. Next we go up to the Jvari monastery (V century), a panoramic view of the ancient capital (In Jerusalem there is the church of the same name). According to the legend, this temple was built over exuded perfumed oil (chrism) stump of a cedar, under which prayed educator of Georgia St. Nino.

Then we set off to the direction of Stepantsminda. On the way we will visit the picturesque Ananuri fortress (XVI century), located above the river Aragvi and stunning beauty of Zhinvali Reservoir. Passing the Gudauri ski resort (2200 meters above sea level), a stunning drive along the river Tergi, through the Cross Pass (2400 meters above sea level) will lead us to Stephantsminda in the mountains of Kazbegi.

Visit of the Church of the Holy Trinity of Gergeti (2170 meters above sea level). In clear weather, stunning, phantasmagoric view of the one of the highest peaks of Georgia - Kazbek mountain (5147metrov above sea level). ** This refers to the walking tour. Ascend and descend will take 2 - 2.5 hours. surcharge for a jeep from $ 5 for 1 person. (In a group of 6 people)

Return to Tbilisi. Overnight at hotel.

4 Day

Breakfast in the hotel.

Today we go to the homeland of wine and winemaking - Kakheti.

Kakheti - the most fertile region of Georgia and homeland of the best wines in the entire post-Soviet space. Hectares of vineyards, many ancient temples and monasteries, sleepy little town with tiled roofs ... sometimes seems that this is not Georgia.

Today, more than 500 kinds of grapes grow in our wonderful country, and Georgian wines are known for their unique properties and characteristics, because the art of winemaking here is fundamentally different from the European.

On the way to Sighnaghi, we will visit "Bodbe" convent - monastery and Episcopal complex of St. George, The great shrine of Georgia. Here you can make a wish, putting your hand to the grave of St. Nino, and your wish will certainly be fulfilled. Sighnaghi - the city of love, spreaded out in a difficult mountainous terrain. From the city opens an exceptional view of the Alazani Valley. Especially, in the renovated city, are remembered balconies with wooden railings. Here, in the narrow streets of the old town, sense a good flavor of bygone centuries. Sighnaghi became a city in the second half of the 18th century. Then, rather fortress was built in 1762.

A visit to the wine museum in Napareuli, wine tasting. Return to Tbilisi. Overnight at hotel.

5 Day

Breakfast in the hotel.

Transfer to the Tbilisi Airport.


Happy homecoming. And of course - See you again, Genatsvale!



Tour Price Per Person 


Vera House 3*

Prima Vera 4*









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