Tbilisi Open Air Ethnographic Museum

Tbilisi Open Air Ethnographic Museum

In April 1966, the Ethnographic Open-Air Museum was established in Tbilisi.

The area of ​​the museum, located on the slope of the Trialeti Range, is about 50 hectares, which are divided into 14 ethnographic zones, where are placed 70 buildings and structures from different regions of Georgia: Villas, detached kitchen, outbuildings, etc. The houses preserved in excellent condition utensils and furniture of the nineteenth century, among them a truly unique exhibits, such as machines for grape pressing, entirely made of wood.

It is also a unique collection of tombstones with a magnificent old Georgian ornament.

Almost in all the houses are employees of the museum, which will tell you about the exhibition, will show all the rooms and will tell about how people lived, how they cooked and where slept. By the way, they all speak at least three languages: Georgian, Russian and English.

As usualy, we visited the museum and made for you small photo gallery.

The greatest impression on us made a cradle with an unusual device in the middle. I wonder if you can guess what it is intended?

Photo gallery

Сводчатое покрытие

Museum Contacts

Museum Address: Tbilisi, the road to Turtle Lake, 1.

Opening hours: Tuesday - Sunday from 10-00 to 17-30.

Weekend days: Monday and public holidays.

Entrance fee:

- Adult - 3 GEL

- For students - 1 GEL

- For schoolchildren - 0.5 GEL

- For seniors - 0.5 GEL

- For children up to 6 years - free of charge.

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