Booking Conditions

Booking Conditions


Article 1

The general terms and conditions for the use of reservation system KM Rental Cars

The issuer of these general terms and conditions is the company KM Rental Cars Ltd., Tbilisi, Georgia, web address: www.kmrentalcars.com


Article 2

The terms in these General Terms and Conditions carry the meaning:

General terms and conditions: are always valid general terms and conditions for using the reservation system KM Retal Cars

User: any individual or legal entity using KM Rental Cars reservation system

Agent: company KM Rental Cars Ltd. which is the owner and manager of KM Rental Cars reservation system

Reservation system: KM Rental Cars reservation system, which enable the user to make car rental and other reservation through a web application

Car rental service providers: companies, which under previously defined conditions offer car rental and other  through KM Rental Cars reservation system




Article 3

The user making use of the reservation system agrees that he/she is familiar with all provisions of these general terms and conditions, that he/she is in full agreement with their content and that the provisions of the general terms and conditions bind him/her to the same degree as contractual terms.

The consent of the user is extended to the use of any other web page tabs which are accessed through the reservation system.

Disagreement with the content of general terms and conditions can be expressed by the user only in the case they cease to use the system immediately after visiting the reservation system; otherwise it is considered that they agree with the content.

The users agree to receive promotional messages by the agent on their e-mail address.
The user may revoke consent under this paragraph at any time and inform the agent through the e-mail address info@kmrentalcars.com.



Article 4

The user is informed and agrees


  • that his personal data and credit card data, collected while using the reservation system are treated in accordance with the Protection of Personal Data Law - ZVOP.
  • that personal data are accessed via a secure server that uses a 256-bit encryption in order to protect the personal data of the users,
  • that the use of security system is only available for web site tabs www.kmrentalcars.com, where the user can see or insert their own personal details,
  • that a secure connection is being indicated by the keyhole at the bottom of the user’s browser,
  • that the locked padlock symbol indicates that the user is located at a secure connection site, whereas an unlocked padlock symbol indicates a non-secure page.

Article 5

The user is informed and agrees with the fact that the user data security while processing the credit card is taken care of by PayPoint, which enable adequate protection.


Article 6

The user agrees that


  • the agent cannot guarantee and is not responsible for car rental services provided by offerers within the reservation system and that therefore, his/her liability for compensation of the damage to the user is completely excluded,
  • the agent is liable for damages only as an intermediary, with its responsibility being limited to the amount of agent commissions for services that are subject matter,
  • the agent  is not responsible for unauthorized expenses on the user’s credit or debit card which arise before, during or after a well-performed reservation and were not carried out by the agent;
  • any warranty claims due to clerical errors by the car rental service provider and claims for damages will be asserted solely against them and not against the agent, therefore, the agent is not responsible for the repayment of the amount of rental service,
  • the agent is not liable in the event of the reservation system not being accessible due to a system error, maintenance work, repairs or other objective reasons,
  • the agent has no control and is not responsible for the content of the websites to which access is possible through the links listed on the reservation system site, and thus takes no responsibility or liability for the content of these servers and Internet sites or for their accuracy and consistency of the information contained on these Internet sites and servers,
  • the agent is not responsible for the amendment and cancellation and is therefore not obliged to reimburse already paid-up funds,
  • the agent is not liable to repay the cost of renting a vehicle, if the user delays the acquisition for more than 2 hours.




Article 7

The user agrees that:


  • the cost of rental service includes the cost of leasing, agent commission, administrative costs and any possible other costs (additional services)




Article 8

The user agrees and binds himself / herself:


  • not to use any device or computer programs that would have direct or indirect impact on the reservation system, which would enable him/her to seek content or any other details including prices,
  • not to affect or have any intention of affecting normal operation of the reservation system, or else their access will be immediately suspended,
  • not to use the reservation system for any purposes which are not lawful or are prohibited and contravene with the provisions of the general terms and conditions,
  • not to use the reservation system for any speculative or false reservations, for searching suppliers or their prices,
  • not to use trademarks "KM Rental Cars" or any other agent’s  trademark for commercial purposes without having first obtained the agent's written consent,
  • not to reproduce the contents of the reservation system for commercial purposes,
  • to have legal capacity to conclude and fulfill the obligations of the contractual relationship, or else is liable to pay for damages to the agent,
  • to directly notify the car rental service provider of any special physical or mental conditions related to renting a car,
  • to immediately inform the car rental service provider in the event of an accident or otherwise be liable for additional costs for failure to notice,
  • to provide the car rental service provider with a valid identity document, a valid driver's license, a valid credit card, which reads the user's name, and the confirmation of reservation or voucher at the moment of rental car acquisition, otherwise the car rental provider may refuse the service and the user shall not be entitled to recover costs related to the reservation of the vehicle,
  • in case of a delay in the acquisition of the vehicle, the user shall inform the car rental service provider about the delay and notify him of the arrival time,
  • that the car rental service provider may refuse the acquisition of the vehicle in case the user is in delay with the acquisition of the vehicle for more than 2 hours,
  • to make available the following personal data for the purposes of reservation process: name, age, telephone number, e-mail address, address of residence, country of residence, credit or debit card number and user information which guarantees payment for the reservation or deposit payment,
  • that the data from the previous indent are needed to perform a reservation and that they could be sent to the contracting agent for the performance of reservation, or an organization to undertake a safety check of the credit or debit card; to the contractual partner for the performance of various services such as sending e-mails, marketing services or payment processing,
  • that the user’s personal data used for the purposes of reservation process can be sent to a country which does not have the same safety standards regarding safety and processing of personal data,
  • that the user's e-mail address shall be used for the purpose of informing the user regarding the reservation itself, including sending reservation confirmation or a change in the reservation, as well as to inform on updates and changes on the agent’s website www.kmrentalcars.com
  • that the user's telephone number shall only be used in emergency cases, such as a defect or problem with the user’s reservation,
  • that the agent can provide suppliers and partners with statistic data about users, while the latter never include their personal data.

Article 9

The agent agrees and binds himself / herself:

  • to make the reservation system available 24 hours a day which shall perform normally at all times, while it reserves the right, without prior notice, to temporarily disable the use or access to the reservation system in case of a system error, maintenance works, repairs, or other objective reasons,
  • to process and store user’s personal data in accordance with the law on Protection of Personal Data - ZVOP and use them only for business purposes within company KM Rental Cars Ltd.,




Article 10

The method of payment for reservation depends on the location and / or selected car rental service provider.

If any payment is required prior to the completion of the reservation process, the reservation system shall notice the user.  In such an event, the user is required to pay the balance to the car rental service provider directly. However, the user is always responsible for the payment of additional services / costs which were requested by the user, and is also responsible for all other costs related to vehicle renting or vehicle lessor.

To be able to use the car rental service provided through the reservation system, the user must use a credit card owned by the holder of the reservation.




Article 11

You can amend your rental online, free of charge, at any point before your rental is due to start. If you amend something that affects the rental price (e.g. location, supplier, car group or length of rental) you’ll be charged at the current published price, which may be different from what you originally paid.Please call us if your pick-up time is less than 48 hours away and you wish to amend your booking.

Amendments in reservation can be made only through the support application in the reservation system, at which the agent cannot guarantee that the changes will be processed.
Amendments cannot be accepted and carried out after the vehicle has already been acquired. The agent is not obliged to reimburse the money to the user in the event of early completion of car rental service.

Extension of car rental service after the hire vehicle is picked up(a date which is beyond the date framework on the voucher) may only be conducted with a selected car rental service provider who shall also account for the extension. Extension of car rental service before the rental starts(a date which is prior to the date framework on the voucher) may only be conducted in writting through KM Rental Cars. Changing your booking may trigger a Rate / Price change, or an additional charge which may be due from a material change, such as the duration or car type.




Article 12

In the name of a selected car rental service provider, the reservation system will issue a confirmation for each reservation, whereby the agent does not bind itself that the confirmation shall include information on the costs of additional services, local charges and costs charged by the service provider, or on additional services the user may request directly at the time of vehicle acquisition.

The agent recommends that the user checks any information regarding reservations (country, location, rental period). Noting discrepancies, the user must immediately perform changes through the reservation system, or through the agent’s client center where the user must provide correct contact detail changes or other corrections.

The agent recommends that the user reads and reviews all rental terms and conditions of car rental service provider (available in the second step of reservation process in the reservation system, when selecting vehicle type, which may occasionally change without prior notice).

Car rental service provider will execute the user’s reservation only upon receiving confirmation of vehicle reservation. The reservation number, obtained by the user upon confirming reservation serves as a reference number for all further communication with the agent (questions, reservation changes, cancellation).


Article 13

Cancellation Policy: Be advised that if you want to cancel your booking, please send your request in writing to info@kmrentalcars.com . Phone cancellations will not be accepted. 

Cancellation of Fully Prepaid Bookings

If you cancel 48 hours or more before your rental is due to start, the money you’ve paid will be refunded.

Please note: prices are based on the pick-up and drop-off times and dates that you arrange before your rental starts. If you pick the car up any later or bring it back any earlier, you will not receive a refund for unused hours or days.